#i have headcanon that if dean ever met jensen he would just LAUGH at him #and at his life #until he saw danneel #and then his mouth would fall open and he’d be like ‘never mind dude. #you done good’

 #i feel like sam would be kind of weirded out by jared#because jared is such a derpy hyperactive puppy man #but you just can’t not love jared so i feel like sam would be biffles with jared by the end of it #cas would just have no idea how to deal with misha #it’d be beautiful

omg cas meeting misha would be like a puppy meeting an owl

$5 says Misha would hit on Cas for fun

$10 says Misha would end up making Castiel feel as uncomfortable as Cas makes everyone else.  ”I don’t understand why you’re so close.  Could you step back a little?  You should talk to Dean about personal space.  He can explain it. Misha? Misha, please. Remove your finger from my nose.  This isn’t funny.”

“I don’t understand.  Why is your index finger in my nostril?”

“shhhh put on the cheese dress”